ISLAMABAD - Information Minister Parvaiz Rashid on Thursday made it clear that the government did not support the idea of closing down any TV channel and that there should not be any action after an apology by Geo TV.
“There is no justification of taking action after an apology by the Geo TV,” Rashid said while addressing the media after enquiring about the health of Hamid Mir. The minister had visited Mir along with his wife and daughter. He said that Geo TV had committed a mistake, had realized that and apologized as well.
The PEMRA had recently ordered suspension of three TV channels of Geo group for maligning the ISI and its Director General in connection with the attack on Mir. However, hours after the suspension order by private members of the authority, PEMRA spokesperson issued a statement saying the decision had no legal worth.
It was in this context that the Information Minister said that the Geo TV had apologized, therefore, there was no reason of taking action after that. “This is not the issue of Geo TV rather of freedom of expression in a democratic society,” he added.
We should promote patience in the society and pay attention to multi faceted issues being faced by the country, he added.
Responding to a question, he said that the government had stood by the side of ARY TV, a few months ago, when Registrar of the Supreme Court had demanded suspension of its transmission. The ARY TV had aired anti-judiciary programme.
And today, the minister said, we would not support the idea of closing Geo TV.