ISLAMABAD- Dozens of people belonging to Sikh community entered the Parliament House premises in protest against what they called desecration of their holy book in Sindh.
Leaders of the Sikh community claimed that multiple incidents of desecration of their holy book have taken place in Sindh over the past few weeks but the Provincial and Federal government was not taking any notice to arrest the culprits. The protestors, carrying placards and banners and chanting slogans against the incident, made a surprise entry into the Parliament House premises, leaving police guessing about why and from where the protestors barged in.
Crossing all barricades, the protestors first entered the Parliament House parking and later the building premises, prompting police to fire tear-gas shells, but to no avail.
The Sikh community men got hold of a small stage set up for the parliamentarian to talk to media persons. Few of them spoke from the rostrum and hurriedly narrated the incident.
They vowed not to evacuate the Parliament House premises unless higher authorities came to hear them and fulfill their demands. Representatives of the Sikh community also called for protection in Sindh and other town of Pakistan.