According to a report almost 2.7 million Pakistanis have departed from Pakistan in the last five years. When young graduates migrate the nation not only loses the best and the brightest but also the skilled who are necessary for the economic development and global competitiveness. Each year numerous young graduates move away from Pakistan.

When this mobility grows out of proportion it can become a menace and could have an adverse impact on growth and development. For instance on some occasions brain drain has led to brain waste when Pakistanis invest on education abroad to gain a level of training and expertise that they never use in spite of migrating. This occurs when a Pakistani, after becoming a doctor, agrees to work as a nurse in United States or an engineer as a waiter in Australia. It is important to address what is happening in Pakistan to force these bright young people to leave their homes and go abroad in search of a job and security.


Karachi, May 14.