BEIJING - A funeral has finally been held for one of the Chinese Communist Party’s early high-profile political targets nearly 50 years after he disappeared, but state-run media said Friday it was not a moment to reevaluate the past. Chu Anping, a former editor of a Communist newspaper, was the first victim of Mao Zedong’s Anti-Rightist Movement in 1957, and was again persecuted at the start of the Cultural Revolution in 1966, disappearing soon afterwards. Some say Chu committed suicide and others that he was beaten to death by Red Guards, groups of young people tasked with purging ideological “foes” in accordance with Mao’s ideas.

 His son was told in the 1980s that Chu had died, but was not told how or given the body. The family finally inaugurated a gravestone for Chu this week in Wuxi, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, placing personal belongings in the tomb instead of any remains.