LAHORE - Hats off to security officials who have not remained any stone unturned to give a safe passage to the return of international cricket in the country. In searing temperature, the policemen had respond to the call of the duty in a highly professional manner but the lady luck smiles on only dew. The policemen outside the ground remained unprivileged as compared to their colleagues who were offering their duties inside the stadium.
Though the cops present outside the Gaddafi Stadium were deprived of witnessing the historical match, yet they seemed satisfied with their duty. Talking to this scribe, one of the senior cops said: “It is our national and moral duty to save the lives of the common men and provide them foolproof security , which is a superior job to witness the match.”
Replying to the same question, a cop, who was taking care of vehicles of the public, said: “We are happy here while performing our duty as we are taking care of public property and we would do our duty in the best possible way.”
But there was also a policeman who seemed quite sad and wished to be in the stadium instead of doing duty outside. “If I were inside the stadium, I would have done my duty with more passion and responsibility and would also enjoy the match and witness our heroes live in action.” All the policemen who were assigned duty inside the stadium were very clearly delighted as they were not only performing their job but also were enjoying the international cricket. A cop standing in front of media box has told this scribe that today, he is enjoying his job, which is very tough and will remain very difficult. “Rarely such moments come when we do such an easy job but this is not only easy but also very entertaining as we can witness the match very clearly from this place and we can’t forget this in our entire life.”