Pakistan is facing the injustice dealt by the landlords and feudal lords to their surfs. Feudalism is still in power and the landlord, by virtue of his ownership and control of vast land and human resources, is powerful enough to influence the distribution of water, fertilizers, tractors permits and agricultural credits as they consequently exercises considerable influence over the revenue, police and judicial administration of the area.

The landlord is thus a lord and master, a real example of which we saw few months back in Shahrukh Jatoi’s case. ‘Land Lords’ also do not allow the children to be educated in their area, as this would make them lose their power. These feudal lords come to the ‘Parliament’ and never make any rules which would make it mandatory for them to have a school and college and a hospital in their area. I think that there should be a law passed, which forces them to educate the children of the people who work for them. Or we could pass a land reform law, taking away most of their land, as India did, depriving them of such power over millions of people.


Karachi May 15.