Internet crimes are increasing in Pakistan and the people have become vulnerable to cyber-crimes. Until now, we do not know the reason why people are going for illegal business they are not registered and found guilty; there is no coming back from that point. The latest scandal of Axact, found guilty of earning dollars from abroad by selling fake educational degrees. I would like to tell the authorities that Axact is not the only company that is making ‘black money,’ there are few other companies as well which are doing the same thing.

As this scandal has defamed the online learning programs hence, this case should be handled carefully. Being a student, I and other students will now fear going for an online degrees or diplomas since, we would not be sure about the credibility of our degree. Media should be careful and investigate the company thoroughly before they air their report. There should be career counseling session in all the schools and universities since colleges and universities might need to be answerable for the acts of their students.


Islamabad, May 19.