A mysterious disease is broken out once again in Thal that has claimed the lives of more than 48 camels during the past one month.
As per details, 48 camels have died in the villages of Khatwan, Bambool, Jamali, Dadoowala, Jharkil and Palwan in what seems to be a fresh wave of a mysterious disease 's spread. The camels died suddenly in the presence of doctors of the Veterinary Department. Affected farmers said that their camels were healthy, but died all of a sudden. Livestock Deputy Officer Dr Nussrat said that blood samples had been taken to detect the cause of death of the animals.
He said that team of the department had visited the villages to ascertain reason behind the deaths. According to Dr Nussrat, camels were being vaccinated in all affected villages. Affected farmers demanded the chief minister to provide them with financial assistance for the loss they incurred due to the death of their animals.