KARACHI - pakistan , as sixth largest mango producer in the world, may easily increase its export up to $80 million as against $60.7 million presently if proper attention is given to control fruit fly disease, enhancement in the number of hot water treatment plants, installation of vapor heat treatment plant and irradiation facility required by mango importer countries, according to a study report on mango production and export from pakistan , presented by Member Business Faculty, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJJU), Dr Mohammad Rizwan-ul-Hassn.
The aforementioned report indicates that the competitiveness of pakistan mango export has slightly improved during last ten years, but its share of export against its production does not show any significant improvement because a large part of crop is wasted every year due to lack of storage facility.
The report also the indicates huge potential for mango crop in world as pakistan is among six largest mango producers, its production requires large scale human resources which is involved at different stages from production to packaging and export . Expansion in mango export in terms of quantity and value will transform into improving welfare and raising GDP of the country.
Highlighting upon hurdles in mango production and increase in export it is revealed that presence of fruit fly, a disease creating small insect in mangoes is a major concern of quarantine departments of all importing countries.
Hot Water Treatment (HWT) Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) and Irradiations facility are technical measures adopted to tackle the issue of fruit fly.
In pakistan there are only three hot water plants which are insufficient for large supply of mango exports.
So far pakistan does not have vapor heat treatment plant and irradiation facility required by Japan and USA respectively for mango import.
In global export market climate, quality and safety standards pose serious challenges for which concrete policy options in terms of storage.
Processing, packaging and pricing are needed from Ministry of commerce and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan’s some potential markets for mango crop have not been exploited only because of specific quarantine requirements.
Mango’s major export markets are UAE, Saudi Arabia, EU, USA, Japan and those countries where Pakistani expatriates constitute substantial demand of Pakistani mango .