LAHORE - Wherever you see around the entire Gaddafi Stadium, the most widely-done activity witnessed throughout the match was selfie. It seems as everyone succeeded to enter the stadium they came with only two aims, one was to witness international activity and other was to have a selfie to upload on social media. Even the VIPs and media person also coud not resist the temptation and were seen taking selfies.
But one thing which disappointed the cricket and selfie crazy fans was use of jammers due to which most of the spectators were unable to upload their pictures live on social media. But they didn’t retreat and kept on making selfies till the end of the match. They were already part of the historical match and by making selfies; they made their presence at the Gaddafi Stadium remarkable. Many of the fans remained outside the main gate of the Gaddafi Stadium to make their selifies with the Pakistani and Zimbabwe cricket team players but due to tight and high-alert security, they couldn’t make their dream come true, but they fulfilled their wish by making selfies with film and TV stars as well as models who were also there to witness the international match at the jam-packed Gaddafi Stadium.