I am grateful to the daily Nation for taking notice of my letter ‘Crisis in Agriculture’, in which I have said, inter alia, that it is for the wise ones in the media to apprise the people of the very serious gravity of the situation vis-a-vis the extreme shortage of water in the country. Also grateful for the Nation editorial ‘Investment in Power’ which clearly states that work on Kalabagh dam could not proceed because of political opposition.

The opposition to Kalabagh dam is so deeply entrenched that it will take a herculean effort to change people’s mind. Many more letters, columns and editorials will be needed to break the log jam. For a start, a space could be dedicated for this subject in the ‘Letters Column’ and readers invited to send in letters and columns. The people have to be shaken out of their stupor otherwise our future generations will have no future to speak of.


Lahore, May 2.