LAHORE - The spectators who remained ticketless and came to the stadium with the hope that they would get ticket from here showed utter disappointment over the system of distributing tickets and recorded their complaint to the Punjab government and the PCB chief through The Nation that they were very disappointed for not being the part of the historic match.
“If the tickets were distributed through a proper way and those who ‘blacked’ the tickets were discouraged, we could get the chance to witness the first T20 match. It is our request to Punjab government and the PCB high-ups to make sure availability of tickets for the second Twenty20 international, so that we may too enjoy the international activity being organised at our home ground.” A 10-member group of youngsters, who had only three tickets and had great hope to get remaining from the Gaddafi Stadium, tore their tickets into pieces and preferred to go home and watch match live at the big television screen. Talking to this scribe, they said: “When the government and the PCB cant managed such a big international event in such a successful way, they also must think about the common men who also want to see their heroes live in action in front of them. The VIP and VVIPs had easy access to the stadium with extra special passes in their hands which would be later wasted. If the government and the PCB adopt fair and just policy, all could see the international match.”
And those who could not afford to come to the stadium, they took the streets to play the game instead and show their passion towards the game and mark the historic moment of international cricket return to the country by playing it.