Ever since competition skyrocketed, various academies mushroomed across Pakistan, dedicated to preparing students for examinations. These academies certainly provide good teaching facilities and wonderful preparation, and I am sure that they have played an important role in students’ success. However, I do not understand why academies have so much influence in Pakistan. Of course, in the minds of the people, the importance and necessity of night schools may be purely psychological but this influence points to a failure of our education system. Students spend hours in schools, and later, flock to different academies to learn the same stuff again. This raises a question what is the purpose of daytime schooling if students have to spend more hours in night schools? Perhaps the teachers do not provide adequate preparation, or lack motivation.

Students are exhausted by lectures and parents are burdened not only with the exorbitant fees, but also by the responsibility of picking up their children at designated times. Although school hours, in developed countries such as the USA and the UK are a bit longer, there are no academies there, and yet students still manage to get into prestigious universities. I understand that academies in Pakistan provide guidance about exam formats, but I think schools and colleges should improve their teaching to such an extent that the students do not feel the need for academies. The influence of these academies should be confined to entrance exams and other tests, which are not dealt with by schools and colleges.


Lahore, May 18.