Cricket has finally returned to Pakistan. One does not have to be a cricket enthusiast to understand the importance of cricket being played at home again. The past six years have brought enormous ups and downs for Pakistan cricket and the biggest amongst them was the end of international cricket being played in Pakistan. Because of this reason alone Misbah Ul Haq has been given a lot of credit for captaining a side amongst which majority of players had never played international cricket on home soil. We see the best of the Indian players when they're playing at home, Pakistani players haven't had that luxury. The critics of Pakistani cricket have always highlighted the sad fact of the absence of international cricket in Pakistan. However, all of that changed yesterday.

The PCB has gone to enormous lengths to ensure the safety of the Zimbabwe team. There's been a lot of criticism against PCB for taking so long to get an international team to Pakistan. And finally, when they did there's been annoyance over the fact that they could not get a better team to tour Pakistan. Even though there are a hundred things one can say against the PCB but this is not one of them. They have tried to get teams to Pakistan in the past but the international teams have not cooperated and the security situation is hardly they fault. To demand Australia or South Africa to tour Pakistan is highly unpractical right now. Only a team which does not already play cricket round the year would have agreed. Zimbabwe was our best bargain, and they are welcome with open arms. Even Zimbabwe gave the PCB a very tough time. Just a few days before their arrival to Lahore, there were uncertainties regarding the series going through. The PCB has gone out of its way to make sure this series becomes reality. Credit should be given where it's due and may this be the restart of better things to come for sport in Pakistan.