By Rimla Batool

 1)      Toy Story (1995)

Toys.Coming.To.Life: Young Andy loves to play with his toys, especially his favourite cowboy doll ‘Woody.’  What Andy doesn’t know is that all his toys come to life when he leaves the room. Woody loves the attention he gets from Andy but feels threatened when Andy gets a new toy ‘Buzz Lightyear’. In an attempt to get rid of Buzz, Woody ends up getting lost with him on the road.

“As a kid, I always imagined how it would be if my action figures came to life. The Toy Story gave the young me a lot of imaginations about my own toys and how they would feel about the way I treated them. The movie is funny, clever, and emotional. I love to watch it even now,” says Baqir, an accountant.

2)      Hercules (1997)

Greek mythology, Action, Bravery: The movie revolves around Hercules; the son of the Greek Gods Zeus and Hera, who is stripped of his immortality as an infant. Living as an outcast among mortal humans, Hercules discovers his past and now, must become a true hero in order to reclaim his immortality.

“I have always loved action but back in the 90’s, there were very few animated action movies aimed for the kids. Hercules’ strength and action sequence was something new and gripping for me,” says Sharmeen, a software engineer.

3)      Casper (1995)

Friendship, Loss, A friendly ghost:  This one is about Casper, a kind ghost of a young boy who peacefully haunts a mansion. He develops a special bond with a young girl who moves in the mansion with her father. Mixed with comedy, the movie touches upon an unlikely friendship and dealing with the loss (of a loved one, life) beautifully.

“It is not a comic movie, nor is it a spooky one. It’s such a sweet blend of humour, spook and sentiment that I would laugh and cry several times watching it. If there would be one word to describe it, it would be heart-touching,” says Rabail, an aspiring writer.

4)      A Bug's Life (1998)

A misfit goofs, and more goofs:   The main focus of the film is Flik, a worker ant whose attempts at helping his ant colony with his ideas and inventions usually end up in disasters. One day, Flik accidentally destroys the food supply meant for the ant colony and the bad grasshoppers. The latter threaten to kill the ants if they don't produce a new supply of food soon.  To save his colony, Flik recruits a group of bugs to fight the grasshoppers.

“In the 1990’s, the animation this movie gave was amazing. It was so interesting to see the world from an insect’s perspective in so many colours. The movie is full of zest and energy; exactly how a kid’s film should be,” says Mehwish, a teacher.

5)      Thumbelina  (1994)

Loneliness, Hope, Love:  Many of us have felt at one time or another that we are all alone in the world, so does Thumbelina; a girl who is the size of her mother's thumb. Being different makes Thumbelina feel alone and she wishes for a companion. A short relief from her sadness ends when she gets kidnapped. On trying to find her way homes, Thumbelina grows, in size and hopefulness, with the help of some interesting friends.

“This is definitely a movie to see if you want to be reminded that one follows their heart, nothing is impossible. Although not super in animation, it is a "feel good" fairytale,” comments Hani, a student of graphic designing.

Published in Young Nation magazine on April 23, 2016