LAHORE - Juvenile driving, one-wheeling and violations of traffic rules are contributing to more than 80% of fracture cases being reported in emergency departments of city hospitals.

This was said by renowned Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Jinnah Hospital Lahore Professor Rashid Saeed in an exclusive interview with APP on Sunday.

Prof Rashid Saeed, who has more than 25 years of experience in treatments of fractures, said while the incidence of fracture cases increases by an average of 25 percent per year, the current year had seen the highest surge of fractures due to rash driving and traffic violations.

Responding to a question, he said on average 20-25 fracture cases were currently being reported in the emergency department of Jinnah Hospital every day, indicating the sharp surge of such cases in the city.

Prof Rashid said osteoporosis to be another leading cause of increased fractures in people.

Commenting on the reasons of orthopedics complications among people, he said low intakes of pure milk, yogurt, vegetables and fresh fruits were among major reasons of rising orthopedic-related diseases, including rickets, osteoporosis and osteo-arthritis among people.

He said teaching hospitals, especially Jinnah Hospital, had been suffering from an influx of patients due to its proximity to the motorway and nearby towns of other districts who came to Jinnah Hospital rather than visiting other hospitals located in congested areas.

The professor suggested up-gradation of orthopedics facilities in DHQs of smaller cities so only complicated cases should be referred to Jinnah Hospital and other established teaching hospitals.

With reference to the orthopedic skills being provided in Jinnah Hospital, he said all kinds of orthopedic surgeries, including joint replacement surgeries, were being provided successfully to patients free.

In response to a question about number of doctors at the Unit, he said around 30 doctors, including assistant and associate professors, had been working to provide up-to-the-mark orthopedics healthcare to patients round-the-clock.

The professor suggested that it was imperative to send not only specialist doctors but junior doctors abroad for trainings, workshops and refresher courses to enhance their skills and ensure that their practice was in accordance with international standards.

Professor Rashid for reducing incidence of fracture cases suggested that strict rules and heavy penalties should be imposed by the City Traffic Police Lahore on juvenile driving, one-wheeling, licence-issuance and other traffic violations.

Ophthalmologist warns of contact lenses: Senior Ophthalmologist Prof Idrees Adhi warned about possibility of irreversible damage to eyesight due to indiscriminate use of contact lenses.

The head of Ophthalmology Department of a private hospital of the city talking to APP said a growing trend to use contact lenses as a fashion accessory had also led to frequent instances of eye related trauma.

In reply to a question, he said use of contact lenses was not advisable for everyone and people prior to use lenses must necessarily get their eyes duly examined by a qualified eye specialist.

“People with complaint of arthritis, joint problems, glaucoma, allergy and dryness in eye should not use contact lenses under any condition,” he said.

Prof Adhi answering to another question said humid environmental condition coupled with pollution had also made application of contact lenses quite hazardous.

“Absence of any regulatory authority and nonexistent arrangements for registration has led to a flood of smuggled contact lenses and their vigorous marketing at the cost of eyes is not fair, the senior eye-surgeon said.