Disability is just a matter of perception; our this week young achiever is Muhammad Amar khan who is not only an example for us but also encourager to the thought that physical disability can’t stop you to be become what you determine for.

Muhammad Amar khan is a story of daring struggles and accomplishments that has redefined his identity and given his life a new perspective.

Currently he is serving as Youth Governor at National Youth Assembly & NBF Young Book Ambassador. Muhammad Amar received his B.S degree in the discipline of Biotechnology from the University Of Peshawar KPK & Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Institute of Management studies, University of Peshawar. Despite of his physical disability, he has achieved all the targets of his studies and still endeavoring with the same spirit and strength of mind to achieve his goals. He is working on many platforms for the betterment of youth in general, and for disables in particular.

His focal key addressing’s are working for disabled people who face a lot of problems in their daily life; including the difficulties while pursuing their education at different levels; and to solve important youth issues, by his high visionary aspirations and ambitions. Muhammad Amar Khan believes in togetherness, so he also keeps in consideration the views and ideas of the young blood for resolving the societal issues, besides his own vision. Keeping his restricted mobility to a side, he has achieved much more than any individual of his age, and these desires goes on further. Other than leading and inspiring youth, he likes to work for education and disability rights in Pakistan. Many people; simply see him as a man on wheel chair; failing to see his happiness beyond his circumstances, thus failing to see that he lives a zealous life characterized by a deep joys that are unhindered by his circumstances. He can inspire, motivate you, can hit your thoughts with his little words accompanied by smile on his face.

Muhammad Amar Khan believes “It’s a lie to think you're not good enough. It's a lie to think you're not worth anything!!”

Published in Young Nation magazine on April 30, 2016