HASILPUR- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family cannot escape from accountability as their days in the government have been numbered, said a PTI leader.

Addressing a gathering and later talking to media, Zain Ali Bukhari said that the PM was holding public meetings under fear of accountability. The government has given nothing to the people except affliction and deterioration, he said. Furthermore, it has brought about disturbance and chaos to the country, he added, saying that Nawaz Sharif cannot befool the nation any more.

“The government’s days have numbered. Main brothers’ plundering and corruption has been disclosed. The government servants are being exploited. The farmers and the agriculture class are facing the worst condition. There is growing unrest in the farmers owing to the anti-farmers polices of the government. The poor farmers are humiliated at food centres,” he said. He added that Sharif brothers are hoodwinking the masses by falsely claiming the prosperity of the people and stability of the economy.

On the contrary, he added, the PML-N rulers have brought the country to the verge of financial collapse. Loadshedding had made the life of the people vexatious, he said. He asserted that PTI Chief Imran Khan has won the hearts of the masses by raising voice against corruption.

“PTI is winning laurels in every field. Due to disclosing of corruption of Mian brothers family in panama leaks, the PML-N leaders have lost their wits. Imran Khan’s positive policies have vexed the N ministers. Minister Pervez Rashid is throwing the dust in the eyes of people by claiming merit and transparency,” he said.