KARACHI: The killing of a terrorist Muhammad Wali in a drone attack from United States has opened a new debate and the security forces have geared up the pace of digging out the network with special regard to port city of Karachi.

The drone-killed terrorist had owned an apartment number B-16 in a project Bismillah Terrace at Sohrab Goth in Karachi.

The ownership of the apartment has also raised question on effective implementation on a newly passed law from Sindh Assembly and applicable under the national action plan that every deal on property whether sale or renting out should be reported to police of the area concerned.

In this particular case, it is not yet ascertained as whether the real estate broker Yasir Arafat submitted a copy of the sale deed to police or not and in case  it was submitted then why police failed to investigate the slain terrorist as his permanent residential address in his national computerised identity card (CNIC) was of Chama in Quetta

The slain terrorist Wali had rented his apartment to a tenant Muhammad Shahid and used to collect accumulated monthly rent after 4 months.