By Syeda Abbira Hassan

On one of the regular class-days our class representative came to make on exciting announcement. He told us that our department is going to arrange a sports day for us. We all became excited but then they tried to control our excitement because another news was also waiting for us. He told us that, on sports day we have an opportunity to arrange food or games stalls. That sounded really nice to us, and we decided to arrange a “Channa Chat “ stall. We named our stall “Mastani Channa Chat” and from that day to onwards our preparations begun.

As we were busy in our stall preparation, our department was busy in arranging a wonderful event for us. It was sunny and pleasant morning of 16th March. Our department gathered in the ground of Sports complex. Everyone was fresh, well dressed and excited. Everyone was busy in their stalls. There was a variety of stalls i.e. french fries, ice-cream, games,  songs dedication, etc

Oh I just forgot to tell you about the fun-part, and it was that, we made our channa chat by ourselves. We didn’t order that from anywhere, our entire class helped each other for making that ‘chat’ delicious. I must say that channa chat was really outstanding.

The festivities of the day started with the arrival of our respected chairperson Ms. Mamuna Ghani and other staff members.

The games started with musical chair competition among the boys, and then among girls. I also participated in musical chair, but I lost. Then there was racing competition. Other than that other games were also held. Prizes were also distributed among the winners to encourage them. The environment was very friendly and comfortable; we enjoyed a lot and took selfies.

It was 1pm by now and we were feeling hungry. But a sudden announcement,“All the students of English Department can collect lunch boxes by showing their tokens” rejuvenate us.

Well I must say that event was well organized and and everything was simply perfect.

That was the first ever fun fair of university life that I attended, and I enjoyed it alot .

I want to thank my respected teachers Ms. Mamuna Ghani and Sir Falak Sher for adding such a  wonderful and colorful day in my university life.

After reading my experience, I am quite sure that you all must be excited to attend it. But I suggest you to never miss any such opportunity in your educational institutions and make memory, for they are the once that last forever.

Published in Young Nation magazine on April 23, 2016