Currently, in academia, an over emphasis on research instead of teaching can be observed. A teacher is judged through the microscope of research publications. If someone has multiple publications, s/he is considered to be the best or more specifically renowned or hardworking teacher; whereas research in my view, can be one of the criteria to judge a teacher but not the sole criterion to evaluate a teacher.  Though versatility is a much appreciated trait in 21st century, and those who can be students, teachers and researchers simultaneously are indubitably commendable; yet, a teacher’s basic job is not only to be creative and promote knowledge through research but also to inspire the learners to create as well as to give them a sense of achieving effectiveness in their respective fields. In order to achieve the latter objective, one needs to diligently and efficiently work on the students and give them individual attention. Research work itself needs immense effort, concentration, time and energy and in this blind race after publications and research work, those who are suffering the most are students. Teachers, if continue keeping busy with their own research work and don’t check students’ assignments, give them proper feedback, bring innovation in their teaching methods, make teaching processes more effective and interesting and manage their teaching and research time productively – then who will take care of the students for whom they were basically appointed?  

Majority of the teachers nowadays are so obsessed with research that they have completely forgotten their prime objective behind “being a teacher”.  This rat race is causing more harm than good.  The vague picture that is taking a clear shape gradually in the current scenario involves parents doing jobs, teachers doing research and students using mobiles and social sites.  Who is working for whom? Why has everything been made so individualized and self-centered?

Teaching incessantly requires deep and thorough indulgence and self-motivated involvement in working for the grooming and well-being of the students; not merely in getting papers published. Most of the papers even are a repetition of what has already been done and display a sheer lack of innovation. Not everyone can be an effective researcher even; then why compromise on the noble cause or endeavor of bringing positive change in the learners who come to attend classes with high expectations? Why disappoint them and play with their future merely due to an excessive indulgence in research work. The ‘look busy and produce almost nothing’ attitude should be prudently tackled by the academic institutes.

Promotions are dependent on job experience and publications but that never implies that we make teaching a research-led profession. Teaching must be a teaching-led profession. We essentially need action research and teachers can contribute to it more productively than anyone else but it must not be done at the expense of their teaching time and duties. Research must inform the teaching practices but it must not be the nucleus of a teacher’s professional life. Teachers much incorporate and utilize up-to-date research and literature as well as strive for introducing their own innovative ideas without compromising on their time meant for students. We must teach through practicals, critical inquiry and reflection but deviation from teaching-centeredness of the teaching profession will lead to less effective professionals, irresponsible individuals and clueless workers. If teachers do not utilize the classroom time appropriately, then it of course, is wasted. Not only the time is wasted but a sense of irresponsibility is also unconsciously ingrained in the students’ minds.

Innovative and productive research certainly is the need of the hour and teachers should make sincere efforts to achieve this goal. But they should also sincerely invest their time on their teaching duties so that the students may not bear loss due to a productive activity i.e. research.