Islamabad - The effective handling of forensic evidence leads to detect crime, reveal truth and enhance confidence of people in law-enforcement agencies.

This was the theme of a programme held here for law-enforces by National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA) in collaboration with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Programme (ICITAP). Around 80 personnel from different law-enforcement agencies, police, MLOs, prosecutors and investigation officers from FIA, IB, ISI and NAB, etc participated in the programme. They were briefed about the challenges arising out of sample collection, tampering of the crime scene, making it difficult for the scientific officers to decipher the truth. To overcome the prevailing predicament, the speakers elated the importance of forensic science. They deliberated upon the importance of case processing and legal value of evidence and demonstrated ailment in important cases, they had faced till now, alongside a mock scene demonstration.

Secretary Interior Arif Ahmed Khan on the occasion appreciated the initiative saying, “Forensic science reveals the truth about things left unseen by common eye. It helps solving the crimes in unimaginable way. Therefore, it should be the top priority for all law-enforcement agencies that deal in detection of crime at national and international level to have complete awareness about not only the use of forensics but also the integrity of evidence.”

Director General National Police Bureau, Iqbal Mehmood praised the NFSA staff for organising the first such kind of workshop where participants of numerous organisations gathered under one roof, urging them to have trust in forensic science and that impossible is not a scientific term. He said that dead man does not tell tale, forensic science does. He was optimistic that interaction among participants and deliberations by trained officials is going to be the hallmark of the day with question/answer session stemming more possibilities, prudence and knowledge.

Project Director National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA), Dr Syed Kaleem Imam also asserted the importance of forensics and NFSA, thanking the DG NPB Iqbal Mehmood and secretary Interior for their support and assistance. National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA) is a project under the ministry of interior. It is an autonomous body that provides complete forensic services free of cost to all the law-enforcement agencies. The NFSA is presently providing services in six disciplines and aims to establish six more disciplines this year.

It is playing an essential role in criminal investigation and helping the criminal justice system of Pakistan to solve crimes.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police arrested seven outlaws and eleven beggars from various area of the city and recovered hashish, heroin and stolen property from their possession, said a police spokesman yesterday.

According to details, Sabzi Mandi police arrested three accused Abdul Hameed, Baber and Shabbir for their alleged involvement in a theft case and recovered stolen property from their possession. The police also arrested a proclaimed offender Sajjad Ahmed.

Shams Colony police arrested Tahir Shah and recovered 110 grams hashish from him. Golra police arrested Manzoor for having 75 grams heroin while Margalla police arrested a proclaimed offender Waheed Zafar. Cases have been registered against them and further investigation is under way.