RAWALPINDI: The construction of the Command and Control Centre of the Metro Bus Service for the twin cities situated in Saddar has been completed hence the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has officially given its charge to the Punjab Metro Bus Authority (PMA).

According to sources Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif will be requested to inaugurate the centre. The staff required to run the control centre has been appointed and the employees are undergoing special training sessions to avoid glitches in their duties. In this regard the services of foreign experts were also hired.

The centre has been equipped with up-to-date computerized systems to monitor the locations and performance of the drivers of the metro bus service in the twin cities. The computerized system will allow the control centre to point out any negligence of the workers of the metro bus service and give directives to the bus drivers regarding their duties. In case of emergency the command and control centre will establish a quick contact with the rescue service for immediate cooperation.

The building of the command and control centre is comprised of seven floors. Out of these, five floors will consist of revenue generation with three floors for parking lots and two floors for private offices. The remaining two floors will consist of the Command and Control Centre of the Metro Bus Authority. Before the parking floors are put into operation, the authorities have started the process of registration of parking lots and searching occupants for the two floors of private offices.

The Metro Bus Authority has expressed its commitment to administer the command and control centre in the best way possible.