KAMALIA - MNA Asadur Rahman clarified that he had not resigned as the member of National Assembly rather he was dismissed as the chairman of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Privileges.

He added that he had decided in accordance with his conscience while details will be released in a press conference regarding the matter of his dismissal.

He said opponents should get prepared for the coming elections. “It is my habit from my start not to tolerate abuse of any kind nor the loss of national treasure. I try to make sure that public money is spent only on public welfare. For this, I and my colleagues are working day and night,” he said.

SEARCH OPERATION: Police and intelligence agencies held a search operation in Kamalia. SHO City Police Station along with intelligence agencies performed a search operation in Mohallah Khursheedabad. Police searched several homes and collected data from residents in the area. No arrests were made on this occasion.

City Police said that search operations are being conducted in accordance with special instructions issued by Punjab Government. The range of these operations will be extended to other areas. The police appealed to the citizens to cooperate.

VICTIMS GET AID: Financial aid was provided to families of bank robbery victims: security guard and office boy by social personality. A few months ago during robbery at a private bank, a security guard and an office boy were killed when the robbers opened fire on resistance. They had not been provided any relief so far from the bank. Their families have been forced to live a distressed life. The aid was handed over to the families.