LAHORE - Pakistan Hockey Federation in its efforts to solve the financial woes of the players is striving hard to arrange employments for the hockey players.

After reaching a deal with Fauji Foundation in this regard, the federation is trying to woo Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to sources, the negotiations are under way with the top officials of these departments to provide jobs to hockey players and the early meetings with these departments have raised hopes to soon reach an agreement. Fauji Foundation had already guaranteed 20 jobs for the hockey players while the PHF is eying another 30 to 35 jobs for players in ODGCL and CAA. The PHF would hold meetings with the high-ups of the ODGCL and CAA in next few days to reach an agreement over the number of jobs and pay scales for the hockey players. The hockey fraternity has shown its hapiness over the Fauji Foundation’s decision to provide jobs to hockey players and hoped that the other departments would also follow its lead to help the PHF revive the lost glory days of the national game.

Meanwhile the PHF has decided to establish a Centre of Excellence for the training of junior and senior players. According to sources, the PHF is going to establish National Hockey Academy in Lahore by the end of the year and the PHF would appoint coaching staff, doctor, trainer and physio on permanent basis in the academy. Moreover, the federation is also considering the proposal to arrange educational facilities as well as monthly stipend for the under training players in the proposed academy.

There is also a consensus among the PHF officials that 28 hockey academies that had been established during the tenures of its previou secretaries Asif Bajwa and Rana Mujahid Ali Khan was just a waste of money and a way to favour the blue eyed persons as these academies were only in the papers instead of in the ground.