LAHORE - Dozens of Lesco consumers held protest demonstration against massive electricity loadshedding in Shalimar Town areas.

Holding placards and banners, they chanted slogans against the government and Lesco. They burnt tyres in Shalimar Chowk and kept block traffic for two hours. The protestors said they were facing severe problems, shortage of water and their lives turned into hell due to consecutive power cuts of three to four hours in the area.  Overall, the load shedding was more than 13 hours in their areas, they said. Protestors threatened to enhance protest if the load shedding duration was not reduced in the area.

There were reports of protest demonstrations in different areas of Lahore and other parts of the country against 12 to 14 hours load shedding in scorching heat.

The Power Ministry on the other side claims the load shedding duration was not more than six hours in cities and eight hours in rural areas.