LAHORE: - Provincial Minister for Agriculture Dr. Farrukh Javed has said that a subsidy of Rs. 20 billion will be maintained for the provision of subsidized fertilizer to the farmers. He said that subsidy of 25 billion rupees on electricity used for agri purposes will also be maintained for facility of cultivators. He said that soft term loans are being issued after consultation with representatives of farmers and Chief Minister Punjab will personally announce it. He said that these loans will be completely interest free and Punjab government will pay its markup.

He expressed these views while talking to representative delegation of farmers. The Minister informed the delegation that according to report of World Food Organization, the prices of agri products will remain low up to 2019 and these world circumstances are also affecting Pakistan. He said that due to these circumstances the prices of agri crops were reduced in Pakistan and the farmers were not provided due return of their produce. He said that government gave subsidized rate of wheat on Rs. 1300 per maund to the farmers. He said that government is working on a number of projects for facilitating the farmers despite limited resources and difficult situation. He said that Punjab government is providing subsidy of more than 50 percent to the farmers on procurement of agri equipments and various agri equipments have been distributed throughout Punjab. The Minister said that government is working with the consultation of representatives of the farmers on the project of provision of tractors on subsidy. He said that agriculture is backbone of our economy and we not only earn precious foreign exchange but also livelihood of people is associated with it. Dr. Farrukh Javed said that work is being carried out with missionary zeal round the clock for giving a practical shape to the dream of stability of country’s economy and agri resolution of Chief Minister Punjab.