SIALKOT-The sale of watermelons, melons and mangoes chilled in canal water, at various picnic points has picked up following the rising mercury in Sialkot region.

The vendors have set up make-shift sale points at the banks of the rivers Chenab, Tavi, Jammu, seasonal Nullahs Aik, Dek, Bhed, Palkhu, canals Bambaanwala-Ravi-Baidian(BRB) Daska, Marala-Ravi-Link Motra, Upper Chenab Canal Sambrial and Lower Chenab Canal.

A large number of the people, mostly youngsters, remained busy swimming and bathing in the canals and even in Rivers Chenab, Tavi and Jammu to beat the scorching heat.

The vendors were charging their desired rates of fruits from the visiting people. The practice goes unchecked, as the vendors have established these make-shift stalls at the banks of the rivers and the canals by offering the visitors special services like Charpoys floating over the water.

A large number of people thronged the above-mentioned picnic spots. A rush of the people including women and children was witnessed at these spots especially at Head Marala near Sialkot.

Picnickers said that though the vendors were overcharging them but they were enjoying eating chilled watermelons while sitting along the banks of the rivers and canals. The district administration has already imposed ban on picnicking and bathing along the banks of the rivers, canals and water channels in Sialkot district here.

Meanwhile, a newspaper hawker drowned in a canal while bathing near Head Marala-Sialkot here. Hassan Jaan, 33, went there with his friends for picnicking and drowned in deep water of the canal. His body was fished out by the Rescue 1122. The deceased was the nephew of Nazir Ahmed Baghi, patron-in-chief of Newspapers Hawkers’ Association.

ELECTROCUTION: A young electrician died after getting severe electrical shock while repairing the main electrical cable in far-off bordering village of Kingra near Sialkot Working Boundary. Arsalan (28) was laid to rest in his native graveyard. A large number of people attended his funeral.

PROJECT OPENS: The PML-N government has been fulfilling its all the promises made to the masses besides making all out sincere efforts to raise the living standard of the people by ensuring the early and smooth provision of all the basic facilities at their doorsteps, said MNA Shakeela Luqman.

She was addressing a big public gathering at village Phaangat-Daska after inaugurating the water filtration plant and several sewerage schemes. She said that the government is successfully continuing serving the masses without any political indiscrimination, adding that none can stop this journey of public services.

The MNA said that the PML-N government would complete its five-year term despite the negative propaganda and Dharna politics of conflict by the unmatured political elements in the country. She narrated that the some political elements were busy in destabilizing the prevailing true democratic system by their Dharna politics. She said that such political elements were disgracing the heavy public mandate given to the PML-N government during 2013 general elections by the masses.

She said that the people have become matured politically, as they have also rejected the negative styled politics of conflicts. She said that the government was fully aware of the perturbing problems of the people and was striving to resolve them amicably. She said that the government was also trying to raise the living standard of the people by ensuring the early and smooth provision of all the basic facilities at their door steps as well. PML-N leaders Dr Khalid Luqman, Saeed Ullah Sian, Ghulam Rabbani Cheema, councilors Abid Ali, Javaid Cheema and Mian Yaqub were also present.