When I was young, Shab-i-Barat was celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm as it is our religious fervour. On this day, everyone pray to Allah whole night. This day is like a festival for Muslims. I still remember our mothers and grandmothers making different sweet dishes and foods to distribute it in relatives and neighbours. Our fathers and brother visit to graveyards to offer Fateha with basket full of flowers. 

At that time there was no fear of target killing, bomb blasts or any other act of terrorism. Every one lives happily with peace. Visiting relatives and friends or dropping at neighbours was rare. But now, things have changed. Today’s generation do not give any importance towards old values and social rituals. They prefer to greet their friends and relatives on social websites. If we really want peace and harmony, we need to rediscover our lost socio-cultural values and bring back the tradition of celebrating such occasions so that children of today can also know the importance of this day. 


Karachi, May 22.