LAHORE - The Lahore Waste Management Company and the Pakistan State Oil have signed a contract for LWMC to procure petroleum products via PSO's state of the art chip based fuel cards, for LWMC’s official vehicles.

The agreement was executed between PSO and LWMC in the presence of senior management officials from both companies at a ceremony held at LWMC’s headquarters in Lahore on Monday.

The new agreement will result in lower processing time, easy verification and online alerts. Routing and re-routing will be made easier. This system will bring in more efficiency and transparency, and is expected to cause savings of 10-15%.

Speaking at the event, the LWMC managing director expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership and said: “The Lahore Waste Management Company has come to be acknowledged for its consistent services at keeping Lahore clean and beautifying it, making the city what it is today. The two attributes of consistency and effective management have propelled the organisation forward and put it on the map.”

“We are extremely proud to partner with PSO to serve our customers better and ensure a cleaner, safer Lahore for generations to come,” he added.

“PSO is glad to have LWMC on board to provide a complete fuel management solution,” said the PSO managing director. “The contract promises to bring efficiency, savings and convenience to LWMC in terms of controls and customisations offered via PSO Cards, through the largest network of fuel stations nationwide,” he added.

PSO is a government owned Petroleum Corporation involved in marketing and distribution of petroleum products. The company has 100 filling stations is Lahore, and has signed the contract with LWMC under its Business Transformation Initiative.