Black market organ trade is still rampant in the country though organ trade is being called a crime. Earlier in 2010, Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA) was launched to stop organ trade in the country, but since that they are failed to stop it. Recently, two people including a rickshaw driver and 20 years old woman kidneys were removed as they have just sold their degrees just due to pay off debts. Just after that the FIR had also done investigation and arrested two doctors, two foreigners and two organ donors. Mostly, selling and the trade of organ is very common in Punjab. Pakistan stands in danger of becoming the market of organ trade as the developed countries are buying organ. The World Health Organisation estimates that human organ trafficking is very common in Pakistan. Many patients from abroad have undergone transplants from unrelated donors in many cities including Lahore, Rawalpindi and many more. The issue is growing and soon provinces other than Punjab may be affected. The health authorities must stop the trafficking of human organs and ensure safety of the citizens. 


Turbat, May 4.