VEHARI-The funeral prayer was held for Colonel Raja Sohail Abid , who embraced martyrdom during a terrorist attack at Quetta, here the other day.

The body of the martyr was brought to Thingi Air Base by a plane and Rescue 1122 shifted the body to 91-WB Vehari. Brigadier Javed Ahmad Zaka, Brigadier Shehzad Ahmad, Colonel Ashfaq, Colonel Sajid, Colonel Kamran, MNA Tehmina Daultana, Central Vice President (South Punjab) Tahir Iqbal, father of the Shaheed and his brothers and son offered funeral.

Colonel Sohail was martyred in an attack against terrorist in Quetta a few days ago. Two well known terrorists of Taliban were killed on the spot and one was arrested by the cops. Colonel Sohail was hit by bullets in his chest which caused his death. He left a widow, a son and three daughters as his successors. He was the third of his family who was martyred. Before him, Major Raja Ahmad Hussain Abbasi (grandfather) was martyred during World War II at Egypt. His uncle Cap Zafar Iqbal Abbasi was martyred at Kashmir in 1949 and awarded Sitar-e-Jurrat by the Govt of Pakistan.

A railway station is named as Zafar Iqbal Station as an honour in Vehari. Capitan Zafar was the first Pakistani who got Sitar e Jurrat.

The funeral was led by his teacher and the Imam of the local mosque. People showered flowers. The local administration demanded the president of Pakistan should award Nishan-e-Haider to the martyr.

The district administrated has named Khaniwal chowk as Colonel Sohail Abid Chowk on the public demand. The father of Sheheed was feeling proud at the martyred of his son. His elder brother said that he was feeling proud but also sad because his brother left them in his young age. He also narrated that ex-army chief Raheel Sharif also delivered performance award to Shaheed Sohail Abid .