KMBL’s livestock loan products nourishing sector

ISLAMABAD (PR): Livestock is an important component of rural agriculture in Pakistan, because the animals are not only used for ploughing and transport, but also fulfill household needs for dairy products like milk, butter and yoghurt. To establish modern, state-of-the-art livestock farms, one needs huge capital investments in comparison to crops. The absence of credit disbursement to small and medium-scale farmers limits their involvement in the commercialization of livestock production. This is where microfinance plays a crucial role, as it has helped several low-income individuals achieve monetary support for their entrepreneurial endeavors. The microfinance sector is considered a tool for poverty alleviation. Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL), being the first and the largest microfinance bank in Pakistan, has successfully demonstrated the ability of microfinance products in improving the lives of population at grass root level.

Lives of many individuals have changed for better with KMBL’s loan facilities for microenterprises including small farmers and livestock owners. Imran Hussain from Madina Town, Jhelum had been running a dairy farm for nine years but had marginal revenues. He saw potential to increase sales through increased milk supply but did not have sufficient funds to invest in the purchase of additional animals. With a loan from Khushhali Microfinance Bank, he bought more animals and benefitted from a drastic increase in monthly revenue. Now in his third loan cycle, Imran has investment funds to diversify his business and start the rearing of animals for sale and purchase.

Haier introduces Blue Turbo Series refrigerators

LAHORE (PR): Pakistan has a growing economy with constantly improving numbers. As a result, an increasing number of Pakistani families have more disposal incomes giving them the opportunity to spend more on family health and a higher standard of living. Keeping food fresh is one of the key factors affecting family health.

With this in view, Haier has introduced its new Blue Turbo Series refrigerators, raising the bar even higher and setting new industry standards for refrigerator technology and innovation.

The new series was unveiled at a ceremony held in Lahore and attended by invited guests, Haier dealers and a cross section of the media. While competitors can merely watch and wonder, Haier consumers will appreciate Blue Turbo with UV freshness, deepest and fastest cooling. UV rays have antibacterial function that keeps the food inside the refrigerator compartment fresh for extended periods of time.

STEP launches E-Learning Programme

LAHORE (PR): STEP is Pakistan’s largest entry test preparation network and it always keeps itself abreast with new learning methodologies. With a purpose to make students prepare for MDCAT and ECAT preparation in the convenience of their homes with an easy access to quality study materials, E-Learning Programme was launched at STEP Seminar held here. A large number of students and parents attended the ceremony. STEP E-Learning Programme has everything the students need to prepare for entry tests. The program includes online video lectures, MCQs, past papers, model papers, vocabulary and synonyms, online student counselor, news and admissions updates. STEP by PGC App and portal are part of this program. The APP is comprehensive and enables students to review and prepare for tests at their own convenience and wherever they want. App is available on APP Store and Play Store. STEP students can easily download it. Series of STEP seminars has also been started in 13 cities of Punjab. The purpose is to provide guidance to intermediate students about new learning methodologies, career options available, entry test preparation tips and assistance in whichever way possible so they could get desired results.