LAHORE-The 3rd degree show of Textile and Interior design for Lahore College for Women University began on Tuesday at Alhamra Art Gallery.  Forty students of textile and 30 from interior design showcased their creations in the exhibition that was attended by people from different walks of life.

Nine members from the Sociology and Anthropology Faculty of Thammasat University (Thailand) attended the show and appreciated the work of the young talent.  The artworks of student were entirely research based innovative designs that were highly appreciated by viewers.

Lahore College for Women University, Chairperson Textile and Interior Design, Dr. Samina Nasim said, “The work of these students reflect strong skills, rich ideas and innovative themes. Every year these students come up with a new theme and highlight a social issue through their work. There was a great deal of diversity in the works of students belonging to different cultural backgrounds and places.”

Art Critic, Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi said: “The degree show of LCWU is a fact that our youth is moving towards the right direction. The show not only displayed all the creative skills acquired during four years but also showcased the creativity of each student.”

Ghalia Mashkoor said her thesis was “Synthetic Cubism of Picasso”. Cubism was an art movement which started in France 1907 by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque before those artists were doing realistic work and the major aim was to break the mood of realism. “My purpose of choosing this topic is to continue the practice of cubism but in the form of textile designs. I transferred my painting compositions on fabric all the while experimenting with various textile techniques such as digital printing, screen printing and embroidery such as satin, stitch, French knot, along with exploring various possibilities of dyeing and patchwork with a touch of embellishments.

Aqsa Bilal said that the title of her thesis was ‘The chocolate Bakistry of bread and beyond’. “The reason I have selected this topic is that I have personal endearment with chocolates and also the different ways of representing chocolates. The pouring of melted chocolate and texture of chocolate ganache has a soothing effect on me. It gives me peace and relaxation. They have artful labels that catch your eye. These labels have very beautiful pattern and graphics that gives a calming effect. Chocolate is high in magnesium, it can improve your mood because it is an anti depressor. I have selected “Bread and Beyond” because of the beautiful way of their presenting the chocolate based products,” she explained.

Talmeez Zahra said that the title of her thesis was “Leaves around Me in Natural Dyes”. “Leaves manufacture food for the plants. The purpose I selected this topic was to create awareness of natural dyes in the field of textile. As these are extracted without the addition of chemical or solvents so lowering of chemical load released with waste water can be expected by shifting to the plant based dye,” she said.  Azka Saeed’s project highlighted the rich culture of Kalash people. She used organza, India and China raw silk to make an outfit. She highlighted their culture and activity because she thinks with the passage of time their population is getting vanished and most of the people in our country don’t even know about them.