Unemployment means “no provision of opportunities for earning” or called qualified people reject skill-oriented jobs, there spread unemployment. It is a hot issue now a day. It is increasing day by day. It causes the destruction and restlessness in our family sat-up. 

The causes of unemployment are mentioned as, firstly; the reason of unemployment is the situation people are more than the working opportunities. The more then people have been the shorter the opportunities are coming. Secondly, the people are not willing to make their living in far flung areas. They want to cling their rigidly. So with an area the sources get decreased. It causes unemployment. Thirdly white-course jobs are mostly liked and preferred by people. So, the completion increases and less the competent people become unemployment. There are some suggestions to overcome the above-mentioned problems. Firstly, more opportunities should be increased. More money should be invested in new projects. Secondly, people should be motivated and increment should be awarded if the working burden is going high. Thirdly, people should be referred to skill oriented job instead of the white color jobs. Fourthly, people should be engaged in other projects by starting a campaign regarding the motto, “hard work is key to success”. Prices should be checked and fixed so that inflation may not cause unemployment at more extant. 

In nut shell, I would like to say that employment although a most critical issue of today, but it can be solved or at least minimized by following some principles as it is said, 

“A man gets, for which he struggles” 


Vehari, May 20.