TOBA TEK SINGH-A villager was murdered on Sunday in Gojra Chak 351-JB over a property dispute.

The deceased and accused parties had litigation over farmland ownership and when deceased Shafiq was on his way home from his farmland by a tractor, his opponents Amer, Aslam, Farooq and Ilyas opened fire. As a result, he was seriously wounded. He was being shifted to Gojra THQ Hospital when he succumbed to his injuries. DSP Shahid Hussain said that police parties were conducting raids to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, a motorcyclist was crushed to death by a truck. Azeem was going on the GT Road by his motorcycle. Near Toubruke bus stop, an oncoming truck went out of control, hit Azeem and ran over him. He died on the spot.

WOMEN TORTURED: Two women were injured on minor row by eight armed persons in village 36-37/2R.

A minor row occurred between Zafar Iqbal and Usman Saleem on a motorcycle. A few minutes later, eight armed persons including Sajid, Saleem, Abid, Sadiq and their accomplices attacked Zafar Iqbal's son Usman, daughters Aiysha, Maryam and Safdar. The village men intervened and rescued the persons. The injured persons were rushed to a hospital.

Two persons, 13 cattle head dead

RAHIM YAR KHAN-Two persons and 13 cattle head were burnt in two different incidents in tehsil Khanpur on Tuesday.

According to Rescue 1122, a fire erupted during cooking in the huts of Basti Chandia of Mauza Bhait Mughal near Benazir Bridge on Indus River Chachran Sharif. Saleem, 18, a disable person, and 13 cattle heads were burnt alive in the 50 huts. A motorcycle, engine and eight tonnes of wheat stock were also destroyed completely. The firefighters of Khanpur and Rajanpur controlled the fire.

In another incident, a girl was killed when a newly constructed wall fell on her at Mai Wali Masjid near Dinpur Bridge, Khanpur.