ISLAMABAD - The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Pakistan stood at $1.376 billion in July-April (2018-19) compared to the investment of $2.85 billion recorded during the same period, a year ago, showing a negative growth of 51.7%.

On year-on-year basis, the FDI also fell to $101.8 million against $227.5 million recorded during the same month of previous year, according to the data released by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Tuesday.

The country-wise data shows that net foreign investment from China posted a negative growth as it fell to $429 million during the period under review compared to the investment worth of $1.725 million recorded during same period of last year.

The foreign investment from United States plunged from $1,408 million in Jul-April (2017-18) to $75.7 million in same period of current fiscal year, while foreign investment from United Kingdom also decrease from $265 million to $160 million in first 10 months of current fiscal year.

The FDI from United Arab Emirates, however, jumped from negative $0.8 million in the corresponding period of previous year to $83.6 million in the same period of current year.

From Turkey, the FDI increased to $57.7 million as compared to no investment made from Turkey during the same period of the preceding year, whereas investment from Switzerland decreased to $26.5 million in the period under review compared to the investment of $64.7 million last year.

Investment from Saudi Arabia also increased from $2.9 million last year to $16 million during July-April 2018-19.

Netherlands invested $67.5 million during the corresponding period of current year whereas during the same period last year, the investment was recorded at $86.5 million.