ISLAMABAD  -   Hazara University administration on Wednesday banned the entry of a student to its campus after she criticised it on the social media for allegedly bowing to a religious student group and cancelled the cultural spring festival.

“I was shocked when I saw an official order restricting my entry to my own academic institution,” said Jaziba Shirin, who secured a degree of MPhil in Botany in February 2019, from Hazara University, Mansehra.

The office order issued said, “It is circulated for the information of all concerned that Jazbia Shirin, ex-student, Department of Botany, is not allowed to enter the university without prior permission of the Director Administration”.

The government had announced celebrating the spring festival in all districts and in this connection the district administration of Mansehra also planned a two-day event and chose the venue of Hazara University. The festival was arranged in the beginning of the ongoing month.

Officials informed The Nation the festival was celebrated for one day only and was suddenly cancelled without any particular reason.

The officials said that the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) had opposed organising any cultural event in the campus calling it an ‘objectionable activity’ and a ‘threat’ to the religious values.

The officials said that the university administration, however, wrapped up the festival which was announced by the government for the promotion of local culture in every district.

Jaziba took the matter on social media and criticised the university administration.

Talking to The Nation, Jazbia Shirin said that she was once a much celebrated student of the university as she won number of achievements for the institute, but suddenly it disowned her when she criticised cancellation of the spring festival.

She said that the terror-hit country needs cultural activities in educational institutions to defeat the extremist elements at campus.

Meanwhile, Jamat Islami (JI) Youth Wing District Mansehra posted a written and video message on its page admitting the cancellation of the festival because of their protest.

Vice Chancellor Hazara University Dr. Muhammad Idrees told The Nation that Jaziba is an ex-student and she has nothing to do with the university now.

He, however, denied the cultural event was cancelled on the pressure from the IJT.

The VC also said that the passed-out student was creating problems for administration. However, he didn’t explain what kind of problems she was creating.

Dr. Idrees also said that university has not banned her entry but she would require permission from the administration for entering into campus.

The VC was unable to explain that how any institution can stop its own ex-students from entering into campus.

“Good work of the student will be appreciated but anything against institution and country will be not tolerated,” he said.

The VC also didn’t describe how criticising the cancellation of a spring festival by an ex-student could be taken a step against country and institution.