ISLAMABAD-Islamabad Capital Territory administration has failed to implement the rate list approved by Islamabad Market Committee of fruits and vegetables during the holy month of Ramazan and the shopkeepers of federal capital are charging extra on every item.

During visits to various fruit and vegetable shops in I-8, I-10, G-7, G-6, G-8, G-9, G-10, G-11 and other sectors of the federal capital, the vendors were found violating the rate lists being provided to them by the IMC on daily basis.

The administration has fixed price of apples at Rs175 per kg but the shopkeepers were charging Rs250 to 285 per kg.

The rate of local banana on the list was Rs140 per dozen but the market price is about Rs200.

Similarly, water melon price was Rs30 per kg but the market rates was around Rs40; peach rate was Rs120 per kg while the vendors were charging Rs200; mango price was Rs130 per kg while the market rate was Rs200 to 350 per kg.

Vegetables are also being sold at exorbitant prices.

According to the IMC approved rate list, onion price was Rs48 per kg while its market price was Rs65, tomato was Rs25 per kg while its market price was Rs40, lemon price was Rs245 per kg while its market price was Rs300 per kg, peas were Rs74 per kg while it was sold at Rs100.

Muhammad Hassan Mirza, a government servant who was purchasing vegetables from a shop in G-9 Markaz, said shopkeepers do not bother about the approved price list as they have raised the price of everything.

He said low income person cannot even think to purchase fruits in the holy month of Ramazan as the rates of fruits and vegetables are so high.

When contacted, an official in ICT administration said committees headed by a magistrate have been formed in Islamabad to conduct surprise visits to different sectors and check prices of the commodities.

Meanwhile, Islamabad market has announced price list of vegetables and fruits for the markets of the federal capital and asked the people to lodge complaints against the profiteers and hoarders.

The spokesman asked all the people to follow this list and inform the authorities at 051-4867762; 051-9108084 in case of any complaint against the shopkeepers.

The rate list of vegetables in Islamabad except for Jinnah Super, Super and Kohsar markets are as follows: Potato Rs 22/24 per Kg, Onion Rs 48/52, Tomato Rs 25/28, Ginger Rs 218/220, Garlic (Desi) Rs 104/106, Garlic China Rs170/174, Lemon Rs 240/245, Lady Finger Rs 38/40, Pumpkin Rs 25/30, Brinjal Rs 18/20, Peas Rs 74/76, Farsh Bean Rs 44/46, Tenda (Walaiti) Rs 18/20,Tenda Desi Rs 34/38, Cucumber Rs 12/14, Capsicum Rs 28/30, Green Chilli Rs 36/40, Cauliflower Rs 40/44, Cabbage Rs 55/60, Bitter Gourd Rs 34/36, Green Zucchini Rs 20/22, Spinach Rs 12/13, Turnip Rs 22/24,Maroo Rs 14/16, Radish Rs 10/12, Yam Rs 58/60, Carrot (China) Rs 18/20, Chicken Rs 165 and Eggs 82 per dozen.

Likewise, he said rates of fruit per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple Kilo Irani Rs 165/170, Apple Golden Rs 110/115, Apple (White) Rs 80/100, Apple (Ambri) Rs 80/90, Apple Turkey, Rs 255/260, Banana Pak Rs 135/140, Mango Malda Rs 70/80, Mango, Sindri Rs 120/130, Mango Langra Rs 70/80, Mango Dosehri Rs 80/90, Yellow Melon Rs 35/45, White Melon Rs 35/45, Sweet Melon Rs 35/45, Peach Special Rs 110/120, Peach two Layer Rs 75/80, Peach Three Layer Rs 55/70, Date Irani Rs 175/180, Date Pakistani Rs 110/125, Cantaloupe Rs 65/70, Cherry Rs 210/215, Water Melon Rs 28/32 and Loukat Rs 70/80.