PTI in the general election of 2018 used electables to occupy the national political horizon. Indeed, it failed miserably. These electables, usually, are the members of influential families who have been part of various governments in one way or the other throughout the history of Pakistan and are proud of their lineage.

2018 general election marked the history when Imran Khan’s much-hyped electables failed to perform miracles. Chan, Awan, Khan, to name a few, lost from their constituencies on PTI’s ticket – contrary to Imran Khan’s expectations. The elections made everything clear. PTI’s theory of electables winning the election failed. The masses rejected them altogether.

The party’s supremo who negated these members of status quo embraced them and warmly welcomed them under the umbrella of a party whose supporters were quite charged to defeat these electables in polls. A big U-turn at the eleventh hour shook many, but the voters remained charged till the end.

Amidst all this, the youth is the one which has been duped by various but flawed claims. Excessive burden of taxes over the common man has brought much shame to PTI and its leaders who begged for votes by promising to shatter the status quo and uplift the standard of living of the middle to poor class.

PM Imran Khan has to put an electable over the finance ministry, one of the vital ministries after foreign ministry. What change he could make on that position when even a self-proclaimed successful corporate personality could not live up to masses’ expectations.

Now Imran Khan himself is perplexed over the prevailing situation. It is clear to him that governing Pakistan is not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns. Placing electables on every position seems the last resort, but this cannot act as face saving for the party in coming elections.


Lahore, May 8.