PESHAWAR              -            While there has been reduction in the price of pet­rol, the price of CNG remains high, causing loss to the consumers although the prices of both petrol and gas have plummeted in the international market.

Speaking to The Nation, All Pakistan CNG Associ­ation Chairman Ghiyas Paracha said that they have requested OGRA to ensure the 40 percent cut in gas prices as witnessed in the international market.

He said petrol prices are decided every month but gas prices are reviewed twice a year -- in June and December.

“But this time in June, the review of gas price was delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic, this is why we have requested the government authorities to re­view the price and ensure the cut,” Paracha added.

Despite steep fall in oil prices, the gas companies did not reduce prices in Pakistan to pass on the ben­efit to the consumers, thus earning billion of rupees daily despite knowing the fact that the CNG sec­tor and consumers were badly hit by the lockdown. Thus, the main victims of the ongoing situation is the end consumer who have to pay high prices to the CNG stations while the gas companies are earning huge amounts as they continue to earn high amounts despite cut in fuel prices in the international market