I, being a responsible citizen of Pakistan, acknowledge the validity of the Constitution of 1973. It is beyond doubt that the 280 articles of 1973 Constitution are worth reading and need pragmatic implementation in true letter and spirit. Indeed, it is a reality that hardly anyone knows that our Constitution comprises of 280 articles and composed of 21 schedules and 7 parts. The Constitution contains tangible articles and grants all the fundamental rights of a person. The Constitution not only assures the rights of minorities, corporations and provinces but also the majority and the state. This would not be an exaggeration if I say that our third constitution is a masterpiece conferred by elected Democratic constituent assembly of 1971 led by late prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The basis of making the constitution was objective resolution. This constitution has superseded the following two constitutions of 1954 and 1962. It is sad to state that not enough people study the articles of law other than advocates and judges. It appears as though studying and interpreting the ingredients of the law is just the responsibility of judiciary related officers.

All others are blind to the law. It is compulsory for every individual citizen of this country to read and understand the basic principles of the constitution because the articles of the constitution guarantee the protection of individual rights. Some new fundamental rights were added by the 18th Amendment including Article 10 A, which guarantees due process and fair trial, Article 19 A which secures the right to freedom of information and Article 25 A, which guarantees the right to free education up to sixteen years of age. The law protects the vigilante but not the indolent. It is also said that the ignorance of law has no excuse. I question how many elected members of the national and provincial assemblies know about the articles of the constitution. I am certain that out 342 elected members, barely a few are aware of the basics of the constitution. I wonder whether they ramble about the modification of the 18th amendment of the Constitution without knowing the original essence of it. I request the government to insert law as a subject in our school, college and university curriculum so that everyone knows about its scope and practicality. I wish every individual becomes acquainted with the understanding of the Constitution so they can understand the validity of it as a masterpiece book of law.