In today’s modern world, all of us have been approached by online shopping sites through advertisements. However, not everyone feels inclined towards online shopping because of different reasons. I always receive reminders and messages from different brands and companies that encourage me to visit their sites to avail seasonal sales and discounts. Instead of developing my interest, these untimely and unnecessary messages are becoming a headache for me. Whenever my notification tone rings, I check it because I don’t want to miss any important message from my fellow students or teachers as online classes are being conducted by universities. But when I find out such lame messages related to web shopping, it disappoints me. No everyone has the time and necessity to read and follow such messages. I accept that most people find these messages useful but not all of us are the same. Interested people can visit the websites of these brands on their own since most of these people are the elite who know how to explore their interests. Furthermore, let’s not forget that there are still people who use mobile phones only as a tool for communication, especially the old. One cannot deny that these messages are troublesome for such people. Brands and companies should think over this and plan their strategies accordingly.