KARACHI - A centuries-old Muslim graveyard, housing dozens of graves made of yellow stones, has been discovered in a dilapidated condition at Jamila Street in Mewashah, Usmanabad, The Nation has learnt here on Friday. The graves are stated to be centuries-old and built according to the old Islamic architecture. They are completely made of famous yellow stone of Sindh and Balochistan. The writings on yellow stones used in the construction of the graves are remarkable and these include Kalma along with other Quranic verses. According to the archaeologists, the architecture used in the construction of these dilapidated graves at Usmanabad cemetery is entirely different from that of the Makli Graveyard in Thatta. But the construction work and stones used in the old graves of found in Mewashah, Usmanabad graveyard closely resembles to the Chukandi art. The art designs made on these graves and writings are remarkable. It may be noted here that 'The Nation' had also the credit of breaking the story of a Jewsih cemetery in Karachi, situated at Jamila Street in Mewashah, Usmanabad, in August. The old graves made of yellow stone are also situated in the same graveyard but they are separated from those of the Jews. The graves of Muslims, who died and buried here after the establishment of Pakistan, are situated in the middle of this graveyard. It will also be worth mentioning here that graves of Muslims in this cemetery are much older than those of the Jewish people. Neither the Sindh Archaeology Department nor the newly established Archive Department of the CDGK took any notice of the dilapidated condition of this historical graveyard and adopt measures to preserve this masterpiece of old art. It is pertinent to note that so far it is the only graveyard found in the country where graves of Jewish and Muslims are situated side by side at the same place. The concerned authorities in the Sindh government should pay attention to this historical place and take appropriate steps to preserve the old graves in this cemetery.