LAHORE - Lawyers in the City Saturday continued protest, token boycott and hunger strike against the yet not made restoration of deposed Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to the office of Chief Justice of Pakistan. At the Lahore High Court Bar compound, the Save Judiciary Committee (SJC) also held a protest camp where a number of lawyers gathered and chanted slogans for an independent judiciary and formation of national government to steer the country out of the present difficult phase. Chairman of the Committee, Abdul Rashid Qureshi, SM Zaman, Mahmood-ul-Haq Thanvi, Shaikh Abdul Majid, NA Butt, Yawar Maqbool, Mateen-ul-Haq Chaudhry, Imtiaz Rashid Quershi, Dilawar Hussain Kahlu, Mahboob Ahmad, Saeed Ansari, Ahmad Shah, Hakim M Saeed, Abdul Qadir Qureshi, among others took part in the protest. Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Rashid Qureshi said the country had law but no rule of law, similarly peace is absent but the police are there. He said the criminals are at large. Quershi said it was highly regrettable that rich Pakistanis had tucked off their money in the banks abroad and economy of the country was dwindling adding that the leadership did not have any solution to sustain economy on long term basis or that how could the rampant corruption in country be arrested. He said an independent judiciary was a big answer to put the derailed system on sound track and that judiciary was not possible unless Justice Chaudhry is put back to the office.