CHACE Crawford has been sent a lifetime supply of chewing gum. The "Gossip Girl" actor - who stars as rich school student Nate Archibald in the hit U.S. TV show - recently revealed he used to steal gum from customers cars when he worked as a valet in Malibu, California. Bosses at Wrigley's were so impressed with the 23-year-old actor's honesty after his confession that they decided to reward him by sending him an unlimited amount of his favorite confectionery treat. He told U.S. TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: "The people at Wrigley's actually sent over a huge pack of gum and said, 'Now you won't have to steal any more gum. Here's a lifetime supply.' I guess they heard about it" Chace recently revealed he would consider having a relationship with an older woman after kissing 37-year-old actress Catherine Mason on "Gossip Girl." He laughed: "I wasn't complaining - it was fun. I've never had a relationship with an older woman but I'd never say no I definitely wouldn't rule out over-30s." - EXPO