KARACHI - The sheer voice of a FM Radio lover can be heard on the handset of mobile phones these days. People jam the lines, day and night to speak to their beloved DJ's but more importantly the culture of listening to music on cell phones has markedly enhanced in recent times. In a bid to catch the on going fame and fortune that comes with it; many hip and happening FM Stations have been opened up in the country, let alone in the city of Karachi. One of the famed shows is the show hosted on a Sunday noon by Red Baron Brigade on FM 89, where the show is co-hosted by the owner of the Station himself. The other and happening places for FM lovers are FM Radio One and FM 107. Callers go abuzz making calling and demanding a new song to be played on their favorite station. Gone are the hey-days of poor Radio Pakistan that was one united voice standing on a pedestal and addressing the entire nation, young and old alike. The people were not even remotely linked to the television screens. The best that was ever offered, across the sub-continent, was Radio Ceylon and their tinted program 'Geet Malaa' with Ameen Siyani at his best. Today all of that has bee reduced to sheer pop culture of the country that startles ones with rock music or melodious blues in the foray. Resultantly, the gang that crowds a radio station today is none other than teenagers or going-to- be-teenagers-soon category. Though, they dress up in the hip-hop fashion of jeans and coloured shirt with the mobile headset glued to their ears. Many fearing to have a hearing problem, but nonetheless the music continues to pour in and these teens swinging melodiously to it. FM Radios are a marvel treat for housewives too who, while doing their chores, have an all time favorite pastime that is listening to the radio station. The hype has been created since the late 1990's ad the youth became accustomed to it and took as an addiction, which has now taken into its folds many other people of the age-groupings. Leading to making up of Celebes status of these DJs, many even pin hopes of meeting these Celebes stars one fine day.