DESPITE Pakistan passing a parliamentary resolution against US unilateral drone attacks and taking up the matter on a number of platforms with the US, the menace continues to play havoc. On Saturday five more people were killed in a drone attack in North Waziristan. While the US authorities believe that the attack was successful as a high value target is thought to have been killed, the reality is that the death of civilians, with four children injured, would only lead to more bloodletting and provoke the local population to launch an armed struggle against the state. Therefore, its hostile repercussions cannot be just brushed aside. Rejecting that there was any militant casualty, the Taliban have vowed to carry out more attacks in settled areas. It bears repeating that in the context of War on Terror this is exactly what has been ailing the country. While the US fires missiles on to the Pakistani territory bringing death and misery the militants, sometimes tribesmen resort to destabilize the security situation of the country. What happened in Lahore on Saturday should be seen in this perspective. Alhamra cultural complex, the site of the World Performing Arts Festival, was rocked by a series of blasts causing panic around. Fortunately no one was killed and only three people were injured but the fact that by targeting this festival, a yearly event, that is generally attended by people interested in arts and music, the terrorists were clearly venting their fury and signaling that this was how they would hit back. The spread of the militant defence of pristine Islamic values, as the fanatical elements see them, owes not a little to the wayward attempts adopted by the US at running the War on Terror. Concurrently, the bomb attack on a mosque in Hangu that left eight dead and many injured also appears to be the work of a similar breed of militants. No one is saying that that the menace of militancy should be left unchecked. The point however is that the US aerial raids are only pushing Pakistan to the brink of a civil war like situation. Unfortunately the possibility of a joint defence mechanism through clarity on the rules of engagement still remains out of reach. Moreover progress in areas of intelligence sharing despite claims from the Pentagon has yet to be made. Since Pakistan's military is already carrying out an operation in Bajaur and other areas thought to be militants' safe havens the US could do well by seeking the help of our security forces to go after the troublemakers.