ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started land acquisition for sector D-14 to develop it for residential purposes and announced to compensate landowners under land-sharing formula. A CDA official said the Authority had advertised the process of the land acquisition and asked landowners to register their complaints, if they had, about the process or evacuation of their land. He said the land of Mauza Sara-e Kharbuza, Johad, Shah Allah Ditta and Rakkh Sarkar would be acquired and would be developed for residential purposes to bridge gap between demand and supply of housing units in federal capital that faces the shortage of almost 50,000 housing units. He said through the advertisement, the Khasra numbers of Sara-e Kharbuza, Johad and Shah Allah Ditta to avoid any inconvenience for the landowners. He said the CDA had planned to open six residential sectors and two sub-sectors in Islamabad those include D-13, E-13, F-13, D-14, C-13, and C-14. The sub sectors are D-15/2 and D-15/3. He said the affectees of these sectors would be accommodated in sector I-14 where they would get land against their owned land in these sectors under land-sharing formula. The official said the Authority was also planning to develop those sectors through public private partnership to share the burden of the CDA and ensure quality as well.