Last evening, I was watching a music programme on a private channel. They were taking live calls on-air. A young boy from Daska called in and the host asked him that what did he do. The boy said he was doing I-Com. The host, just to keep the conversation going, asked the young man if he knew what does the word I-Com stand for and the boy went mum. After repeated hellos from the host, the boy came up with the answer that "Iss sey bank mein naukry milti hai (You get employed in a bank after completing this course). I was really shocked to see the state of our education. The world around us is moving on at great pace but we still have the mindset we had eons ago - in the colonial era. But, then, the education system of subcontinent that we have right now was designed by British to produce only clerks and that is what it is doing now. The situation has not improved a bit since then. -HASAN JAVED GOREJA, Islamabad, via e-mail, November 11.